Release Notes 2018-02-14


  • Trainers can easily send manual email messages to event attendees
  • We changed the logic of how organisations work. Before this release, the organisations played several roles. They were used as places of work for trainers and as billing addresses for trainers to get invoices either from knowledge brands or from Workshop Butler. This duality was confusing, so we removed it by introducing billing addresses. Each trainer or knowledge brand can add or update a billing address in their account settings. This billing address is used when trainers prolong a license, set invoice addresses for licensed events, or receive receipts from Workshop Butler. The organisations are used only as places of work now, and visible on trainers’ profiles.

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed an issue when comments from attendees were recorded into incorrect place and not visible to trainers
  • Fixed an issue with profile editing, when the changes cannot be saved by some trainers
  • Fixed an issue when the account switcher was invisible to some trainers
  • Fixed a bug when the details of events were empty on the event edit form
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