Release Notes 2018-04-11


  • Trainer: Before we used your social accounts for logging in to Workshop Butler as social profiles on your trainer account. Now we split the logic. You still can connect Twitter, Facebook, G+ or LinkedIn to enter your account. However, they will not appear on your trainer account. To add links to social profiles, you need to edit your trainer profile and enter them manually.
  • Training company (closed beta): For all licensed events, a billing address of a company is used to pay an event fee
  • API: Adds a method to detect country by visitor IP
  • API: Adds trainer filter to Events API
  • API: Adds a trainer public rating to Events API
  • API: Adds promo and member_id fields to Attendee API

Bugs fixed

  • Some attendees’ fields were not set correctly if an attendee registered via API from knowledge brand website
  • When a trainer duplicated a confirmed event, the new event was confirmed as well. Now all new events are unconfirmed when created.
  • It was impossible to connect LinkedIn account for a while. We fixed it.
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