Release Notes 2018-05-23

New Features

Multiple changes to the registration forms

  • Now training companies can customize their registration forms in the same manner as trainers. More information in this article.
  • You can change the order of the fields on the registration forms
  • You can set one registration form settings for events from all categories at once
  • You can collect consents from attendees in a GDPR-compliant manner. More information in this article


  • You can subscribe attendees to MailChimp list based on the consents they gave you
  • You can invite attendees to Slack workspaces based on the consents they gave you


  •  we added a support for the Dutch language for built-in registration and evaluations pages, and emails sent to attendees.


  • A new step “Subscribe to Workshop Butler Newsletter” added to a quick configuration setup
  • Brand statistics overview was improved by excluding current month from the overview charts

Bugs Fixed


  • When attendees registered to private events, their permissions were set incorrectly and you could neither delete them nor send a message
  • Attendee registration via API didn’t work in a very limited number of cases due to cached keys. It’s fixed now.


  • New trainers couldn’t upload a signature or add countries during the quick profile configuration

Training companies

  • When managers created new workshops, they didn’t get notifications about new attendees, and the attendee didn’t receive welcome emails
  • New trainers were added as External trainers, not as Employees
  • A notification to an added trainer was sent even if a manager selected an option “Do not notify trainer about their account”
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