Release Notes 2018-08-15


  • Knowledge brands can configure an integration with MailChimp to subscribe licensed trainers to MailChimp lists
  • Training companies can work with external trainers now. When you invite an external trainer, you do not get full control of their accounts. The trainers keep managing themselves. However, you can create and manage events, run by these trainers, including licensed events.
  • We modified the logic for confirming/unconfirming an event. Before you confirm event by clicking Confirm button. To remove the confirmation, you would need to edit the event and uncheck Confirmed flag. Now the process of the confirmation removal is different. When you confirm an event, a new link Revoke Confirmation appears on the Event State tile.
  • Improved German translation for some notifications

Bugs fixed

  • It was possible to create a certificate to an attendee who didn’t participate in an event. We fixed it.
  • In some cases, when a trainer invited another trainer to collaborate, a collaboration request was sent to a wrong trainer. It’s fixed now.
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