How to Migrate to a New WordPress Plugin

This article is only for the owners of WordPress websites who has an old Workshop Butler plugin (version 1.2 and less) installed. 

The latest plugin comes with a number of changes which are not backward compatible with the previous version of the plugin. As a result, the upgrade requires additional actions from your side. No worries, they are simple and do not require technical skills.


Upgrade the plugin to the latest version. The schedule of events should keep working, as well as the sidebar widget. 


Update the API key. The new version uses new API keys that you get by opening your account settings and selecting API in the left-side menu. If you experience difficulties finding the new key, check this guide.

During the upgrade of the key, your existing schedule and the sidebar widget keep working.


Configure the new schedule. Read  the installation guide on how to do that.


Check the new schedule. During the update the plugin adds five new pages, as described in  the installation guide. The page containing the schedule should be under /schedule url. However, it can be different if you already have a page with such url. 


If everything is okay, replace the old schedule with the new schedule. For that, open the page with the old schedule, find [wb_content] shortcode and replace it with [wsb_schedule] shortcode.  

If you still have questions,  contact us.