How to Track and Process Event Fees

The calculation of event fees is one tedious and challenging task. The tracking of workshops to charge is another. To free you from this routine, there is a widget on a dashboard. It notifies you when a new workshop available for invoicing. 

Events to Charge

Let's take a look at the example below. The widget contains all workshops which you haven't processed yet, together with the size of the event fee.

Widget on Dashboard

Invoice Page

When you click Manage, a popup appears. 

From this popup, you get the required information for creating an invoice: name of the business entity, its address, tax number, and amount. You can also add a number of the invoice for this workshop.

Invoice Management Page

Closing an Invoice

When you close the invoice, it disappears from the list of workshops without an invoice. By creating invoices and closing them one by one in Workshop Butler, you can be sure no penny gets lost. 

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