Release Notes 2018-11-15


  • A new version of our WordPress plugin with a new shortcode for the name of a trainer, improved handling of external links and support for upcoming WordPress 5.0
  • Certification Bodies got the ability to make evaluations obligatory if attendees want to receive a certificate
  • Certification Bodies can decide if the ratings of trainers include or exclude free events
  • An improved dashboard widget for workshops, waiting to be invoiced. Now coordinators of certification bodies can get important billing information and update the invoice status right from the dashboard, 

Bugs Fixed

  • During the duplication of workshops with two spoken languages, a new workshop got two identical languages from time to time. It's fixed.
  • The tab with a trainer's experience - ratings, testimonials, etc - was not loaded when another trainer requested it.
  • The dates of Lean Change Management certificates were incorrect if a workshop started and ended in different months.
  • When an evaluation was converted to a testimonial, Workshop Butler reset the job title and the company. The bug was fixed and all incorrect testimonials were updated.
  • In some cases, there was an error during workshop creation if a trainer had no categories. It's also fixed.
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