Release Notes 2019-04-18

We are doing a lot of behind-the-curtain changes, so there are just a few visible enhancements this time.


  • We moved to a new authorisation system. You may find small changes here and there in the login process or while requesting a password change, but overall user experience stayed the same.
  • When you click on the link from the email and go through the authorization, the system now redirects you to the original link, not to the dashboard. 
  • As of April 7th, Google discontinued Google+. We removed the option to log in via G+. The option to log in with Google will appear later.
  • JS widgets: new Category filter was added to the schedule. It allows filtering workshops by their categories which is handy for training companies
  • JS widgets: two new parameters - length and future - were added to the schedule. Now you can show both past and future workshops in the schedule, and limit the number of workshops to show. Big thanks to Christoph Lukas for that.
  • Certification Bodies, Training Companies: the UI for adding certificate templates was improved. Now the system shows valid and invalid tags as soon as the template is uploaded giving you hints what should be improved 

Fixed Bugs

  • During registration of attendee, the system may not record the attendee's address if he/she did not set a country ✅
  • Certification Bodies: due to a missing file, the form for adding certificate templates did not work.  ✅
  • Certification Bodies: in some complex certificate templates, the system did not replace all trainer signatures ✅
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