Release Notes 2019-05-03

Features and Enhancements

  • Adds authentication by Google back. At the beginning of March, we removed Google authentication as we used G+ which Google discontinued. Now you can use Google to log in again.
  • As Google discontinued G+, we removed G+ from the list of social shares on built-in event pages
  • When a trainer changes its name, the name of a related user is changed as well
  • WordPress WordPress plugin bumped to version 2.2.3 with an important bug fix (see below)
  • Js Widgets JsWidgets bumped to version 1.7 which adds support for workshop cover images in custom templates and several new filter options for workshop schedule
  • Old website integration settings for trainers were removed from the cabinet. We will turn off an old website integration completely on June 1st. There are just a few trainers who keep using them. We'll contact them by email.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixes a case when a workshop title is not duplicated on event duplication
  • Fixes an incorrect text for evaluation request for the Dutch language
  • Fixes a case when it was possible to add a workshop with the number of total hours = 0 in cases when such behaviour should be prohibited
  • Fixes a long-existing bug when custom mail messages (for welcome emails, event reminders, etc) were not copied on a workshop duplication
  • Fixes a bug which deactivated follow-up emails on editing
  • WordPress Fixes a nasty bug when an attendee registration fails if a billing or work addresses were set as required
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