Getting Started Guide for Training Companies and Trainers

Add Category

Event categories and types are an easy way to organize your workshops and attendees. Not only do they help you to navigate between different workshops easily, but the presentation of your events on the website is also structured and more natural to grab.

In Workshop Butler, each workshop belongs to a category and event type, so it's essential to add one before you proceed to add workshops. Let's add them:

  1. Open the top-right menu
  2. Choose Account Settings
  3. Select Categories
  4. Click Add Category button. You'll now need to provide a name for the category and select several event types. 

For example, a category could be Agile, and event types might be Scrum Master Course, Agile Foundation Course, etc. 

Add Trainer

Each workshop in Workshop Butler is run by a trainer, so you need to add one first: 

  1. Go to Trainers in the top menu 
  2. Click Add Trainer button
  3. Enter a name or email address of the trainer (we recommend an email address) to check if the trainer is already in the system. Workshop Butler is different from other platforms. For each trainer, it creates a separate account which belongs to this trainer. It allows trainers to work with different brands, companies and trainers, keeping just one account. So there is a chance that the trainer has already account in Workshop Butler. 

  4. If not, or you wish to add a new trainer, click the Create New Person button and add his/her personal data 

  5. Define your relationships with the trainer: Employee or External trainer. For an employee, you'll have full control over his/her profile. An employee is not able to manage workshops or add attendees. An external trainer has much more freedom. They are capable of adding workshops outside your company, and they can edit workshops, etc. (Note: we will change the rights of employees in the future as our clients found it uncomfortable with such strict limitations.) 

  6. Select categories to which the trainer will have access. This selection allows you to group trainers by their skills. This way, you won't be able to add a trainer to a workshop of Facilitation category if this trainer does not have skills to teach facilitation. 

Do not worry; you can change the categories later. Just follow steps in this article:

After adding a new trainer, Workshop Butler notifies the trainer about the account you created. In the last step you will be able to edit the message that's to be sent to the newly added trainer.

Add Workshop

Finally, it's time to add a workshop. For that, click on the icon in the top right corner and then Add Event. 

The process is pretty straight-forward. If you need any help, check this article:

After a workshop is added

Cool, you can see a workshop page now. It consists of several tiles. 

Check the Overview tile first. It contains several links, including the event page. Click it to see a built-in event page with a registration form. You can use it right away to get attendees.

We can also recommend you to update a welcome email message. It's the message your attendees receive right after the registration. 

You can read more about a welcome email and other automated messages here:

What's Next?