How to add a new contact

This article is for training companies and all types of trainers.

There are two types of contacts in Workshop Butler: company and person. For now, you can only add companies. Persons as contacts are added automatically when they register for your events or you add them as attendees.

To start adding a new contact, open the list of contacts in the top menu and click the  Add Contact button.


Add the name of the company and its address.


Each company has a list of contact faces. A contact face is a person from the company‚Äôs side who is responsible for the organisational part of an event. If you work with several departments and communicate with different persons, add them all here. Later on, when you add a new private event, you can assign that event to a contact and a contact face for a reference.

The information about an assigned contact face for an event is visible in the history of events.

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