Types of Workshops

Workshop Butler supports several types of events for your use.


By default, any event you create is  public. Public events are visible on your website through WIDGET and the website of your license provider. Registrations for public events are open to anyone.


Private events are the opposite of public events. A private event is not visible on your website through WIDGET or the website of your license provider. It’s accessible only by a direct link which you can get from the Overview tile. If you run an in-company training and you want to collect registrations, you copy a direct link to the training and share it with the company.

The current version of Workshop Butler supports direct links to private events only for built-in event pages.


Both public and private events can be  free. A free event is an event you don’t charge attendees any fee for. The examples of free events are a conference talk, a meet-up, a webinar.

According to our principle  Pay as you earn, we don’t charge you for free events. It makes free events a terrific tool for self-promotion as soon as you integrate Workshop Butler with your website.