How to add a collaborator to an event

This article is for training companies and all types of trainers.

Before you can create an event run by another trainer, you need to invite this trainer to be your collaborator. If you haven’t done that yet, go ahead. When you have at least one category with collaborators, follow the steps below.

First, open an event form by clicking the  Add Event icon in the top menu.

Choose a category and facilitators

When you select a category with collaborators, a new  Facilitators field appears. It will contain all collaborators you added before. You can select as many of them as needed. Of course, your name will also be there.

Choose a proper notification policy

When you select one of your collaborators as a facilitator, an additional field  Notification policy appears. Using this field, you can configure how notifications will be sent to you and other facilitators. It usually depends on what you’re doing for this event: helping to promote and create, co-organising, or organizing.

Note: there are two types of event notifications coming from Workshop Butler:

  • New attendee. You get it when a person registers for an event.
  • New evaluation. You get it when a person leaves an evaluation for an event.

In all scenarios, the event is visible on your website through the website integration, and registrations are possible.

  • Standard. All notifications from Workshop Butler are sent to the facilitators of an event only. If you’re not a facilitator of the event, you won’t get any emails from us.
  • Co-organiser. Notifications from Workshop Butler are sent to you and the facilitators, even if you’re not one of the facilitators.   
  • Organiser. Notifications from Workshop Butler are sent only to you. Use this option when you take care of all interactions with attendees before or after the event.
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