How to add a new collaborator

This article is for all types of trainers.

The addition of a new collaborator is a straightforward process. You can select collaborators from existing trainers or add a new one.


Open your Account Settings and click Collaboration in the left-side menu.

    To start the process of adding a collaborator, click the  Add collaborator button
Note: You usually collaborate with others on a specific topic or area of knowledge. In Workshop Butler, we call these topics categories. If you haven’t created any category yet, you won’t be able to add a collaborator. The system informs you about it by switching the  Add collaborator button to the  Add category button.

Enter a name of a potential collaborator or an email. The platform shows you if this person already has an account. Depending on the results, click the correct button.


Enter first and last name, email, and country of living. Workshop Butler uses this info to create an inactive account for a new collaborator. The collaborator could activate the account later to enjoy all the advantages of our platform.

Note: after adding a new collaborator, you can enter additional info about this trainer such as bio or photo. However, you can make these changes only while the account of a newly added trainer is inactive. After this trainer activates the account by logging in to the platform for the first time, you won’t be able to change their personal data anymore.


Pick as many categories as you need. All these categories will appear in the cabinet of the collaborator.


After you click the  Save button, the platform creates a new collaborator and notifies that person you are collaborators now.

If that person has an account in Workshop Butler, the notice will contain a message roughly like this one:

Hi Anna,

Alfred Smith has added you as a collaborator to Scrum and Facilitation categories.

If you or Alfred add a new workshop under one of these categories, it will appear on yours and Alfred’s calendar. You can manage attendees, check registrations and process evaluations together.

To learn more about collaboration, read ….

All the best,

Workshop Butler Team

If a new collaborator hasn't had an account before, the message will be roughly like this:

Hi Anna,

Alfred Smith has added you as a collaborator to Scrum and Facilitation categories. It means Alfred can add workshops run by you and promote them on his/her website.

If Alfred organizes or promotes a workshop for you, there is a chance you won’t hear from us anymore – Alfred may decide to handle all communications with registrants and attendees without disturbing you.

If you want to keep a finger on the pulse or are just curious what Workshop Butler is,
create a new password, log into the system and look around.

Here are a few more links for you to check out:

All the best,
Workshop Butler Team

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