Collaborate with other trainers

This article is for all types of trainers.

There are times when you don’t work alone. You co-facilitate events with other trainers. You organise and promote events on their behalf. Shortly speaking, you collaborate. Workshop Butler helps you do it effectively.

With Workshop Butler, you can:

  • co-facilitate events with others. Both you and your colleagues manage attendees and evaluations together. All of you are listed as trainers.
  • promote events. You promote the events of others on your website but you don’t take part in the organisation process — handling registrations, processing evaluations. All communications with attendees are done by another trainer.
  • organise classes. You invite terrific coaches from other countries/cities and take care of everything, from promotion and collection of payments to venue selection.
  • receive ratings. All trainers who co-facilitate an event will receive the rating for it.

    Unlike rating, the testimonial will be added only for the trainer who will be the first to create it.

Let’s start with an example. You and Anna often work together. You create an event with Anna as a facilitator. The table below outlines how the system behaves in different cases.

Collaboration Matrix

If Anna uses Workshop Butler to manage her events and attendees, the event will also be visible in her cabinet and on her website.

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