Licenses are a way to permit other people using your content and running certified workshops. A license is an agreement between your brand and a trainer. In some cases, the process of getting a license is pretty straightforward, like participating in a workshop. In others, it can be long and challenging. It’s up to decide when a new license should be given. Workshop Butler helps to keep an eye on existing licenses and controls their validity.

How It Works

When you decide to add a new trainer, you need to give her a license. The license contains several attributes, including fee, start and end dates. Each license also belongs to a license type. The platform uses the dates to control the activity of the trainer. The trainer is inactive if her license hasn’t started yet, or already expired.

If the trainer is not active, then:

  • She cannot add licensed workshops. However, she still can log into her account, and work with past workshops.
  • Her profile is not visible on the list of licensed trainers.
  • The future workshops she created before, are not visible on the list of upcoming certified workshops.

License Prolongation

When a trainer’s license is about to expire, the trainer gets a series of emails from the platform asking about the prolongation of the license. The content of these emails is configurable, and they contain the link to a prolongation form.

When the trainer opens the form, he has two options: either accept or reject the prolongation. If he agrees, the platforms askes him to accept the license, and confirm some information like billing address. If he declines, when he needs to provide a reason why he is doing so.

In any case, you get a notification to your brand’s email address what decision the trainer made. You can also see the statuses of expiring licenses on the dashboard.