How to migrate to the new WordPress template system

This article is only for the owners of WordPress websites upgrading from the Workshop Butler plugin version prior 3.0.0

The new version contains improved templates with the new layout. You can upgrade to it in two simple steps.

Below you will find the upgrade instructions and the list of changes.

Upgrade process

The upgrade is done in two stages.


Stage 1 - Switch to the new layout

  • Open your WordPress Dashboard -> click on Settings in the left menu -> choose Workshop Butler in the dropdown list.

  • In the General tab, toggle off the Old Templates option. You will be able to enable it again until you finish Stage 2.

  • Save changes by clicking the corresponding button in the upper right corner.
  • Due to changes in layout and removal of several themes, old custom themes might become incompatible with the new version. Make sure that there are no errors in displaying content on your website. If there are any, fix them before moving to the next stage (you can toggle Old Templates back on if you need to).

Stage 2 - Disable Template Switching

Once you ensure that your website works correctly, complete the upgrade process. For this, switch the tumbler next to Template Switching to Disabled.

Attention: This action is irreversible. After it, you won’t be able to return to the old templates anymore. 

What’s new


WooCommerce-like templates

We no longer support Twig templates and use WooCommerce-like templates instead. You can find them in the  /templates/ directory and override them on a theme level. For this, copy the template into a directory within your theme (see details in the original templates).  


Removal of nested shortcodes

We've stopped using nested shortcodes. Only top-level shortcodes like wsb_schedule or wsb_trainer_list have been left.


Dacota, Gatsby, and Hayes themes are no longer available

With the new layout, we support only Alfred and Britton themes. If you are using any other themes for your website, you need to switch either to one of the two supported themes or create a custom theme.

Backward compatibility

Old templates are still available for those who have already been using them. They will be replaced with new ones after you have finished the upgrade process.

All fresh installations of the WSB WordPress plugin use the new layout with the modern template system.

If you have any difficulties with the upgrade or with the new layout, please contact us.

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