How to show events from one category

In some cases, you want to show visitors only the list of events from one category. For example, you have a landing page about your Facilitation events. On this page, you want to promote the events about facilitation. So how to do that?


Follow this guide to install and configure the Workshop Butler plugin for WordPress. 
Open the page where you want to add the list, and add this code.
[wsb_schedule id="facilitation" layout="table" category="Category_ID"]
Let's take a look at the attributes. 
    id. This attribute must be present. It can be anything but main.
    layout. You can use either table or tiles layouts. We recommend the former one as it takes less space.
    category. This attribute is the most important one as it orders the plugin to show only events from a particular category. You must replace Category_ID with the ID of the real category. 

How to find a category ID

Go to  Workshop Butler, open Account Settings -> Categories

Any website

Follow this guide to learn how to use the Website Integration Kit
On step 4 select a widget Schedule.
On step 5, insert the ID of your category into the  Category field. See How to find a category ID to get it.
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