How to show your testimonials

To show visitors what others think about your skills is an important part of personal branding. It may be time-consuming, and you should always remember to update the list with the latest testimonials. Fortunately, Workshop Butler simplifies the process considerably. 

As your attendees give feedback via a built-in evaluation form, you can convert it to a testimonial with one click. Even better: you can show these testimonials on your website. And they will update automatically as soon as you add a new one to Workshop Butler.


Follow  this guide to install and configure the Workshop Butler plugin for WordPress. 

Open the page where you want to show the list, and add this code.

[wsb_trainer_testimonials trainer_id="Your_ID"]

Replace Your_ID with your trainer ID.  


How to find your trainer ID

Go to Workshop Butler, open Account Settings -> Profile -> Edit. 

You will see your trainer ID in the URL bar. 

Any website

Follow  this guide to learn how to use Website Integration Kit
On step 4, select a widget TestimonialList.
On step 5, insert your trainer ID.
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