How to Show a Workshop Schedule on Your Website

The first and most basic case is to present all upcoming workshops to the visitors. So, how to do that?


Follow  this guide to install and configure the Workshop Butler plugin for WordPress. 
After the configuration is over, the schedule will be available under .

There are several options you can configure manually. To change any of the options below, open the plugin settings, select Pages -> Schedule. You will see the editor. Find the shortcode and add the required attributes. For example, if you want visitors to filter workshops only by Location and Language, the page layout must be:

<div class="{{ theme }}">
    <div class="wsb-content">
        [wsb_schedule_filters filters='language,location']
Shortcode Option Description Example
wsb_schedule_filters filters This attribute defines what filters are available to visitors.
You can find the list of values  here. By default, all filters are active.
[wsb_schedule_filter filters='language,type']
registration When true, the button Register
for the each workshop leads directly to the registration page.
[wsb_schedule_register registration="true"]

Any website

Follow  this guide to learn how to use Website Integration Kit
On step 4 select a widget Schedule and configure it to your need.
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