How to Create an Event

Event creation in Workshop Butler is straightforward. It takes you only a few minutes to add a new event and start promoting it. Click  Add event button to begin the process.

Set title and category

Based on your configuration, you may need or may not need to select a category. Event categories is a simple yet powerful way to group your events in a logical way. For example, you can create three categories ScrumKanban and Facilitation with related workshop types Scrum Master Course, Scrum Product Owner Course, Kanban Practitioner and etc.

If you didn’t create any category during an initial setup, you can always do it later.

Select the type and connect contact

You can connect a private event to a client you run this event for. First, you need to add this client as your contact. The connection allows you to see a full history of events for a client, including paid amounts, number of attendees, and event ratings.

Select contact while adding a new event

Add location and languages

You can select one or two languages for your event. These languages will be visible on the event page so visitors can choose only the events they can understand.

Language and Timezone Detection

The system detects the language of the event and its timezone based on the event’s location. Though it usually makes a correct guess, you can always alter them manually.

Set a schedule

Now add correct start and end dates/times, together with a time zone. A time zone is important, especially for online events, as it is shown on an event’s page, giving visitors a hint when the session takes place.

Time zone for on-site events

Though a time zone for on-site events is visible only in the cabinet, we recommend to set it correctly. We plan to send automated emails taking into the account the time zone of events.

Add a description and cover photo

By providing a good description of what your training is about, you increase the chances of attendee registration.
The best resolution for a cover photo is 1280×200 px.

Add tickets

You can learn more about tickets here.

If you add a private event, then you cannot create tickets. The system suggests you adding a contract amount, which is visible on a contact’s profile and the event page.

Configure registration page

Workshop Butler supports two options for registering attendees: through its built-in registration page and on a third-party website.

A built-in registration page is a preferable way. When attendees use a built-in registration form, they are included in a workshop support process. It simplifies their lives and yours. The attendees automatically get a customized welcome email and a reminder before the workshop. You will have a full functionality in your hands: customizable notifications and reminders, different integrations. Last but not least, the attendees don’t need to leave your website to register. Learn more about the registration page here.

If you work with a training company which handles the registrations, you should choose  Use custom registration page and enter the URL. By clicking on Register button, a visitor will be redirected to the training company’s website.

Configure additional settings

Activate  Follow Ups and Workshop Butler sends the attendees three reminders after the event to provide an evaluation.