Registration Page

For all public events and for many private workshops you need some way for participants to register. Workshop Butler supports two options for registration: built-in registration pages and custom ones.

Built-in registration page

By choosing built-in registration pages, all attendees, registered for your events, automatically appear in Workshop Butler. There are several ways potential attendees could fill in a registration form:

  • on a built-in event page which is generated by default (see an example);
  • on your website through WIDGET (see an example);
  • on the website of your knowledge brand (see an example).

Using built-in registration page is a preferable way as it opens the full potential of Workshop Butler to you.

Private Events

Registration pages for private events are different from the ones for public events. When you run a public event, you expect people to register one by one. However, with private events, you usually have a coordinator on a client’s side who provides you with a list of attendees. While you can import this list, a better approach is to send a link to registration form.

A registration form for a private event allows registering many attendees at once by filling out just several fields.

Custom registration page

Sometimes you cannot process the registrations on your own. For example, you work with a training company which sells the event for you and uses its own software. In this case, they have their own registration page. Workshop Butler supports this scenario with a custom registration page option.

When you set a custom URL, you still promote the event on your website and the website of a knowledge brand. However, the registration button links to the registration page on the training’s company website.