Certification Brands

Certification brand (or certification body) is a training business that licenses trainers and training companies to give events using branded materials, exercises, games, etc. A certification brand usually has two major channels of income: a fee for yearly trainer licenses and a fee for events or attendees. The company positions itself and is accepted by some players in the market as an expert and/or innovator in a particular field of knowledge. 

Unfortunately, there is no industry-wide common name for this type of business. Some of them call themselves certification bodies, some of them - accreditation bodies, others prefer the name brands, and the rest do not put themselves clearly in any group. Anyway, if your business model includes licensing trainers and collecting fees for events or attendees, Workshop Butler is a perfect choice. 

Workshop Butler is the only product on the market created to serve the needs of the certification brands. With it, you can:

  • promote trainers and events on your website;
  • license trainers and automate a process of license renewals;
  • track event fees and invoice trainers and training companies in time and in full amount;
  • fully delegate the management of events to trainers so you can concentrate on marketing and promotion of your business;
  • and many more.
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