Guide for Certification Brands. Managing Invoices, Licenses, and Trainers

Congratulations! If you are reading this guide, most probably, you have already made the first steps in Workshop Butler. Now trainers you have added can create events. 

However, WSB’s usefulness does not end here. It will help you manage invoices for licensed events, keep an eye on the licenses you issue, and allow you to promote trainers' accounts.

Below we’ll look into all available options.

Manage invoices

Soon after adding trainers to the system, you will start receiving your first invoices for licensed events. It’s important to learn how to manage them.

You can do it from the Invoices tab in the top menu. Here you will also find detailed information about invoices, like dates, amounts, or states:

To learn more about managing invoices, read this article.

An invoice is added every time a trainer creates a new licensed event. At that moment, it’s in a Draft state. Once the trainer confirms, cancels, or reschedules an event, an invoice is moved to the Review state. And from this point on, it will require input from you. You should move it to Paid, Final, or Cancelled states. 

You can find more detailed information on invoice states in this article

Manage licenses

When you have finished configuring the most pressing aspects allowing trainers to run events, it’s time to think a little bit ahead. 

When the licenses you have issued expire, trainers will need to prolong them. WSB is able to track licenses that are about to expire and ask trainers about prolongation, thus saving you plenty of time. 

You can also customise this process to your convenience.

When the license expiration date is close, a trainer starts receiving a series of emails from WSB asking them whether they want to prolong their license.

To configure license prolongation, go to the License Prolongation section in the Account Settings

The details are described in this article.

There are two more options in this section: Renewal Notifications and Renewal Period.

The Renewal Notifications option allows you to choose how you want to remind trainers about prolongation - with a single email or a series of them. And with the Renewal Period option, you can choose the period by which the prolongation link is active.

There is also the possibility to prolong a license manually, however, we do not recommend it.

Manage and promote trainers

Although trainers have full control over their accounts, you have some options available to you too. 

  • Subscription periods

    Sometimes a trainer takes a break in their licensed activity and you want it to be reflected in their total experience. It’s possible with the Subscription Periods option. It allows you to calculate only the time when the trainer’s license was actually active, without pauses between its prolongation.

    See this article to learn more about subscription periods - how and when to add them and how they work.

  • Certificate templates

    Certificates are the proof of an attendee’s participation in your licensed events they receive from trainers. You might want to issue different certificates for different types of events or add one certificate but with your own design. Both options are possible with WSB.

    In this article, we describe how to create certificate templates. And in this one, how to add them for different event types.

  • Badges

    Recognising the attendee’s efforts is great, however, recognising your trainers’ achievements is no less important. And you can do it by assigning badges to their profiles. Not only trainers themselves can feel encouraged by receiving them, but they are also eye-catching and boost trainers' credibility for potential attendees.

    Read this article to learn how to add and assign badges.

  • Website integration

    You can promote trainers and their events by showing information about them on your website. You can show information about trainers themselves or the list of upcoming events. 

    See instructions and use cases in our Website Integration section

  • Mailchimp integration

    It’s important to stay in touch with your trainers and keep them informed about changes in their licenses. For this, you can subscribe trainers to Mailchimp.

    We describe how to integrate Mailchimp and subscribe trainers to it in this article.

  • Zapier integration

    It’s also possible to integrate Zapier, which will give you access to apps and services it offers. 

Learn more with Help Center

Help Center contains a lot of useful information on different topics divided by categories. At the beginning of each article, there is a disclaimer indicating the target audience of this article - training company, trainer, or certification brand. Each of these three types has differences in functionality available to them hence the article will be useful only to the audience it was intended for. It also helps you understand if you can delegate a certain action to someone else (for example, trainers) who have access to the corresponding functionality.

If you have not found the answer to your question in the Help Center, you can always contact our support team. You can find the Contact button in the lower right corner of the screen when you are in Account Settings, User Settings, or on Events Dashboard:

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