Workshop Invoice

Workshop invoices are available to certification bodies only

A workshop invoice goes hand in hand with a licensed workshop. Every time a trainer adds a new workshop, the platform creates a related invoice and provides necessary changes during its lifecycle. These invoices are visible to:

  • coordinators of certification bodies through the list of workshops;
  • trainers, managers and coordinators on a workshop page in a separate tile. As you can see below, the tile contains a lot of useful information.

In order to make Workshop Bulter creating workshop invoices, you must activate and configure Price Groups first.


As described in an introductory article, understanding invoice lifecycle is the key to managing invoices successfully. If you haven't read it yet, I recommend reading it first and then return to this one. 
A lifecycle of a workshop invoice is tightly connected to the lifecycle of a related workshop. Unfortunately, a workshop lifecycle is quite complicated and could be erratic due to the behaviour of users managing it. I'll do my best to make it as clear as possible via numerous examples.


An invoice gets a Draft state, when:

  • a new workshop is created, along with the invoice
  • a trainer reschedules a past workshop and a related invoice is in Review state
  • a trainer reactivates a cancelled future confirmed workshop or unconfirmed workshop.


An invoice gets a Review state when a related workshop is completed. A completed workshop is a confirmed workshop which is already ended. It happens in these cases:

  • a paid confirmed workshop ends
  • a trainer confirms a paid ended workshop
  • a trainer moves a future confirmed workshop to the past
  • a trainer reactivates a cancelled past confirmed workshop.


An invoice gets a Final state only when a coordinator moves it to this state from UI.


An invoice gets a Paid state, when:

  • a coordinator moves it to this state from UI (the only option for paid workshops)
  • a free workshop is completed


An invoice gets a Cancelled state when a trainer cancels a workshop. 

It's important to remember that Workshop Butler cannot change Final or Paid states of invoices. For example, if you set an invoice as Final and a trainer cancels a related workshop, the invoice won't get a Cancelled state. It will stay in a Final state and only you can cancel the invoice.