Configuring Fees for Events

This article is only for certification bodies

To configure fees for events, activate  Event Fees module. For that, open account settings, select Event Fees tab and click Activate.


Depending on your business model, you can charge trainers:

  • per a whole event;
  • per each hour;
  • per attendee. 

Workshop Butler supports all three models. You choose an appropriate model by selecting Fee Unit. Based on the unit type, the platform calculates a fee for each event. 

If you select Fee per hour, then two additional fields appear on the event form – Total hours and Hours per day. The number of total hours is used to calculate a final fee for the event.

If you select Fee per attendee, remember that only attendees who marked as Participated are counted.

Define in what currency you charge for official workshops. Only euro, US dollars, and British pounds are supported at the moment. If you need something else, please, contact us.

Charging different fees in different countries is a common approach as tickets in Switzerland and India cost differently for the same workshops.

You have three options:

  • Specific country (Brazil, Egypt, etc). Use this option to set a fee for events from a selected country.
  • Online. Use this option to charge online events.
  • Rest of the World. If your fees are the same in all countries, or you need to set a price for countries not defined separately, use this option.

The platform recalculates the fees for future or running workshops as you update the settings. The platform does NOT update the fees for past events.

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