How to limit access to events for licensed trainers

This article is for certification brands.

There are situations when you have to revoke access to managing all events of your brand for a licensed trainer. Most frequently it happens because a trainer has forgotten to pay some invoices

WSB reminds trainers about unpaid invoices with a special widget. If it does not help, a brand coordinator can restrict access to events. They can do it manually for each trainer or automatically for all trainers with overdue invoices. 

The profiles of the trainers whose access have been restricted will be marked with a relevant label.

To restrict access manually

Open the list of Facilitators in the top menu -> find the trainer you need -> click the arrow next to the Edit button -> choose Limited from the dropdown menu.

To restrict access automatically

Open Account Settings -> Trainer Access tab in the left menu -> click Activate.

The system will limit access for all the trainers with at least one invoice that remain unpaid for more than 45 days (including trainers with expired licenses). 

What will happen on trainer's side?

If a trainer tries to edit any of the events related to your brand or create a new event from one of your event types, they will receive a message informing them that the access has been temporarily restricted because of overdue invoices.

A message with the similar content will also be sent to the trainer's profile email.

Restoring access

You can restore access anytime by clicking the Full button in dropdown menu in a trainer profile. The trainer will receive a corresponding message notifying them that they have access to your brand’s events again.

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