Unpaid Invoices widget for licensed trainers

This article is for licensed trainers.

Your certification brand sends you an invoice for every licensed event you run. To help you keep track of the invoices you have not paid yet, Workshop Butler shows information about them on the Unpaid Invoices widget on the Dashboard. The system also notifies you when the invoice is about to become overdue or when the due date has already passed.

In the latter case, there will also be a warning that a brand coordinator may put restrictions on your account.

From this widget, you can switch to the details of each event.

Important note: an invoice will appear on this widget only after it has been finilized and sent to you by your brand coordinator.

If your brand coordinator has activated the option to accept bank card payments, you can pay the invoice right from the widget. Just click on the Pay button and enter card details on the payment screen.

If this option has not been enabled, it won't be possible to pay via WSB. The system will just remind you that you have due invoices.

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