Trainers: The Difference between Regular trainer-accounts and Licensed trainer-accounts

Trainers (facilitators, instructors) organize and facilitate workshops, educate students, collect feedback from them, etc. Trainers in Workshop Butler have full-featured accounts allowing them to manage and promote their workshops effectively.

The platform supports two types of Trainer Accounts: Regular and Licensed.

What is the difference?

Regular Trainer Accounts are created for them by a training company. Depending on the type of relationship (External trainer or Employee) between a training company and a trainer, the trainer will or will not have control over their profile. For more information, read our Getting Started Guide for Training Companies and Trainers.

Since regular trainers hold no licenses from certification bodies registered on the platform, they do not need to create licensed workshops on Workshop Butler. Those account settings are thus not relevant for appearing on their account.

Licensed Trainer Accounts, on the other hand, are created by coordinators of certification bodies only.

Their accounts have three additional settings that enable them to create licensed workshops of these certification bodies, namely: 

Billing Addresses are used only by licensed trainers. They choose from the list of added addresses when they create workshops. They get invoices to a selected billing address from certification bodies.

Licenses are obviously needed only by licensed trainers as well. This section contains information about active licenses.

Settings section contains four different parameters:

  • signature that trainers could upload. This signature is then used in certificates sent to attendees. This parameter is also important for trainers working with training companies as training companies can generate certificates.
  • list of languages and list of countries. These parameters are only used by licensed trainers, if a certification body has a website integration. Visitors of the website could filter licensed trainers by languages and countries.
  • Badges that represent a trainer's achievements and raise a trainer's credibility for potential attendees. Badges are added by brand coordinators themselves, not by a trainer.

This about sums up the differences between these two types of trainer accounts, in terms of how they can be applied to Workshop Butler.

A regular trainer account can be converted to a licensed trainer account if a trainer gets licensed by a certification body, and vice versa. When a license expires, a licensed trainer account becomes a regular trainer account.

Important Note: Though coordinators of certification bodies create accounts for licensed trainers, the accounts are owned by trainers themselves and trainers have full control over them. They can use their accounts to manage all their workshops, not only the ones they are licensed to.  

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