Guide for Licensed Trainers: Advanced Settings and License Management

Workshop Butler serves multiple purposes that have one thing in common - to make your job as a trainer easier. It allows you to customise organisational processes to your preferences, gathers event statistics, helps you promote yourself, and keeps track of your license activity. 

In this article, we’ll look into the options that make everything listed above possible for licensed trainers.

Customise processes

Event language

In most cases, it would be better to cater to your audience’s language preferences. With WSB, you can choose a language for organisational processes, like the registration form or automated emails. It will make these processes more user-friendly and potentially can attract more visitors.

You can either choose to use the event's spoken language for all pages and emails or set one option from the 7 languages available. When the former is chosen, the language will change in accordance with the event settings. And with the latter, all pages will be in one language you have set. 

You can read more about setting event languages in this article

Form customisation

You might want to customise registration and evaluation forms we offer to request particular information from your attendees. Both options are available in the Account Settings - Event Management section.

You can find detailed information about customisation in the Evaluation & Registration Forms category in the Help Center.

Email customisation

WSB sends automated messages to attendees before and after an event. It’s possible to customise the content of these messages and send additional emails if there is a need to. For more information, check the Emails and Notifications category

Billing address

As a licensed trainer, you pay a fee for licensed events to your certification brand. When creating such an event, you should fill in the obligatory field Invoice To where you can choose one of the predefined email addresses you added. Using information from this field, your brand coordinator will send you an invoice for the event.

You can manage your billing addresses in the Account Settings - Billing tab. 

The detailed process of adding, editing, and deleting billing addresses is described here.


It can be difficult to manage all events alone. Adding assistants who will help you could be a good idea. They will have the same rights as you except that they cannot delete you because you are the account owner.

You can manage your team from the Account SettingsTeam tab in the General section on the left.

More detailed information about managing a team can be found in the Team Management articles in the Help Center.

Slack, Mailchimp, and Zapier integration

Integration with MailChimp and Slack can be useful to stay in touch with attendees and always be sure that attendees will be informed of the latest news. And integrating Zapier will give you access to apps and services it offers. Both options are available in the Account Settings - Integrations section on the left.

Gather statistics


You can look into statistics for your events in the Experience tab in the Account Settings. Here you can find information about your experience and ratings for the brands you work with.

There are other options available in this tab. We’ll talk about them below.

Promote yourself

Website integration

With our website integration, you can keep your attendees informed about your schedule and promote upcoming events. See this article to learn more about the options we offer and use cases.

Featured events

If you are using our website integration, you can highlight particular events to draw attention to them. For this, you need to activate the Featured Events option in the Settings tab of the Account Settings.

Personal materials and testimonials

Another thing you can do with the help of website integration is to promote yourself by adding case studies, articles, and videos. This way, you will show your skills and achievements to potential attendees - which is never a bad thing.

To add materials, go to the  Account Settings - Experience tab.

Here, you can also turn evaluations into testimonials by clicking +Add Endorsement link.

Languages and countries

You might want to help attendees find your events faster by setting languages and countries for which the events are available. If the certification brand has a website integration, visitors of the website could filter licensed trainers by languages and countries. 

To add these parameters, open Account Settings - Profile and find Languages & Countries block:

Choose a language or a country and click the Add button.

Manage your license

License is the proof of your qualification and your permission to run events on behalf of the training company. Naturally, you would like to keep an eye on it to prolong it in time.

In WSB, you can view the information about your license in the Account Settings - License tab in the Facilitation section on the left.

Here you will find the expiration date, information about subscription periods if you have any, and the amount of the yearly fee.

When the license is about to expire, WSB sends you a series of emails asking you to prolong it.

The link to prolongation will be included in the email.

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