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This article is for training companies and trainers.

By default, all pages and emails that your attendees see and get while registering for a workshop and leaving an evaluation are in English. It is not preferable behaviour when your attendees do not speak English well. To make the registration and evaluation processes more user-friendly, we support seven languages:

  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish

When you choose one of these languages as the language of your choice for an event, Workshop Butler:

How to set a new language


Open your Account Settings, choose Settings on the left-side menu, then find the Event Language section.


Choose a language.

You can use one language for all your events or select an option when the language is defined by an event’s spoken language.

In the latter case, a language may differ from event to event. For example, you run one event in English, and all pages and emails are in English. If you run another event in French, then all pages and emails to attendees are in French.

When you run an event in a language Workshop Butler doesn’t support like Polish, English language is used for all pages and emails.

We recommend using the latter option.


After you made your choice, click the Save changes  button. The platform updates all your events and remembers the settings. Later on, when you add or update an existing event, it will apply the selected option.

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