Automated email messages

This article is for training companies and trainers.

Workshop Butler can send automated email messages to event attendees:

These email messages shorten a feedback loop between attendees making action and getting a result, saving you plenty of time and automating tedious tasks.

Types of automated emails

  • Welcome Email. Attendees receive this email when they register for an event
  • Event Reminder. Attendees receive the reminder two days before an event
  • Follow-Up Emails. With a follow-up email, you ask attendees to fill in an evaluation form. They receive up to three follow-up messages after an event.
  • Post-event Email. Attendees receive this email when you approve their evaluations or create a certificate.

You can also use an option to manually send emails to attendees.


You can customise or disable automated emails  for a particular event. For this:

  1. Open an event page
  2. Find the Mails tile and click Edit next to the event you need
  3. Make the necessary changes and save them.

Changes will be applied only to this event. If you duplicate an event, changes to the emails will be duplicated too.

Important note: Welcome emails cannot be disabled.

You can customise email templates, applying changes to all current and future events. The following changes are possible:

  • Change the subject and the body of any email template
  • Change the schedule for an event reminder and a follow-up email
  • Add new templates and set them to be sent before or after an event
  • Delete templates.

Important note: at the moment, only training companies have access to email templates.

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