Certificates are a de-facto standard in a training industry. Many students expect to get a certificate after a workshop. Workshop Butler can generate and send certificates to event attendees for you.

When the certificates are sent

If you want to know more when the certificates are sent, and how your trainers can do it,  read this article.

Can I have more than one certificate per certification body?

Yes, you can. You can add certificates for different event types and languages.

Can I have more than one certificate per training company?

Yes, you can. You can add certificates for different event categories. However, you are limited to only the categories you created.

What information can be on certificates?

Any information we have in the system for an attendee, workshop or trainer. An ordinary certificate contains:

  • Title of the workshop
  • Name of the attendee
  • Dates and location of the workshop
  • Names and signatures of the trainers
  • Unique certificate number

You can find the whole list here. If you need anything else, just drop us a line.

Can I have different certificates for different languages?

Yes, you can but only if you are a certification body. Certificates for training companies have only one language.

What is a format for a certificate?

We tested certificate templates on formats A4, A3. We are not sure if other formats supported by Microsoft Word work as well. You can always test it using Generate Test Certificate link on the certificate template form.

Are there any limitations to the design of certificates?

We are not aware of any.

How much does it cost to add a certificate to my account?

It is free. Just follow the guide.