How to send a certificate

This article is for trainers, working with a training company or a certification brand.

Workshop Butler can generate and send certificates to the attendees of your events. Not all event categories support the generation of certificates.


There are some limitations to when the generation of certificates is possible. Below you find the list of constraints. There is no need to memorise them as Workshop Butler informs you when it is not possible. In some cases, you do not see the link for generating a certificate completely. For example, for free events. In others, the link is inactive. If you hover on it, a popup with the explanation appears.

You can generate a certificate if:

  • your event belongs to a registered certification brand or training company. As a trainer, you cannot create your own certificates
  • the certification brand/training company added a certificate
  • an attendee participated in an event
  • an attendee provided an evaluation if the obligatory evaluations are active

Sending a certificate

If your event satisfies the limitations, the platform generates and sends certificates when:

  • you approve an evaluation.
  • you click the Generate Certificate link on the list of event attendees, on the evaluation page, or the attendee’s page.
  •  you click the Regenerate Certificate link.

The certificate is always attached to the post-event email.

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