How to approve an evaluation manually

This article is for training companies and trainers.

When an event ends, attendees are usually asked to share their impressions on it and on the trainer who runs it, in the form of evaluation. 

Evaluations in Workshop Butler have 3 statuses: pending, approved, and rejected.

When an attendee submits an evaluation, it gets the Pending status until you change it by approving or rejecting.

You can do it the following way:


Open the list of all events from the top menu, find the event you need, and click on it to see the detailed information about it.


On the Evaluations tile, there will be a notification informing you if there are any pending evaluations:


Click on the View button. Under Handled Date, you will see the list of evaluations waiting for your approval:


Click on the arrow to the right to swith to an attendee profile, that contains the detailed information about the evaluation. Here you will see the Approve button:


If you want to reject the evaluation for some reason, click Delete.

You can also switch to an evaluation later anytime by clicking the Needs Approval link in the upper part of the attendee profile.

An attendee whose evaluation you have approved will receive a corresponding follow-up email notifying them about it.

If there is a valid certificate for the evaluated event, Workshop Butler generates and attaches the certificate to the email.

Important note: You do not have to approve evaluations manually if your training company or certification brand has activated the Automated approval of evaluations. WSB will do it automatically and will attach a certificate if there is one.

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