Attendance record

All information about a person's participation in a particular event created in Workshop Butler is stored in the attendance record.

How to access

For all types of accounts - from the event menu. 

Open an event and click  View on the Attendees tile -> choose an attendee and click on the arrow button in the right column.

For trainers and training companies -  from the Latest Registrations tile on the Dashboard.

For certification brands - from the list of Attendees:

Click on the  Attendees in the top menu -> choose an attendee.

The list of attendees can be  filtered by different parameters. For certification brands, there is also a search bar where you can search for a particular record by an attendee's name or email address,

What’s in there

The attendee record contains information submitted by an attendee during the registration and evaluation processes. It consists of the top menu, Contact Info and Evaluation tabs, and a dropdown menu with editing options.


Attendee’s name 

It’s submitted by an attendee during the registration process.


Participation status

Status can be registered, canceled, participated, or transferred. It can be changed from the dropdown menu on the right side.



This parameter shows whether an attendee has paid for a ticket. It can be changed from the dropdown menu on the right side.


Information about evaluation 

It shows whether an attendee has submitted post-event feedback requested through WSB. If the feedback has been submitted, it will show the overall rating left by an attendee. From here, you can switch to evaluation details (see below).

If Automated approval of evaluations is not activated for your account, the system will also show you evaluations that are waiting for your approval



It shows if an attendee has received a certificate or allows to generate it.


Event information 

Here you can see the event title with a link to it and a source of registration.


Contact info 

It contains the data you requested from an attendee during registration to an event.


Payment info 

It shows detailed information about the payment (payment method, total amount paid for a ticket, ticket price if you set Tax Excluded in ticket settings for an event, tax, Stripe, and Workshop Butler fees if you are using the Bank Card payment method, and the amount you receive).



If you included any Consent fields in your registration form, they will be shown here.


Evaluation details

To access them, you need to switch from the Contact Info tab to the Evaluation tab. The information there appears as soon as the attendee submits an evaluation.

This tab includes answers to the evaluation form, a rating left by an attendee, and a review which can be converted to a testimonial if an attendee agreed to it. 

If an attendee didn't give their consent, there will be a corresponding message informing about it and there won't be an option to convert a review to a testimonial. If an evaluation form doesn't have the consent checkmark, the message will be stating that an attendee didn't give explicit consent to use their review for marketing purposes.

Available actions

You can manage the attendance record from the dropdown menu on the right side:

  • Change payment status
  • Change participation status
  • Transfer an attendee to a future event
  • Copy an evaluation link

Contact and Payment information can be added and edited by clicking on the Edit button.

It's possible to see other events this attendee has taken part in by clicking on the View Contact link under the Edit button.

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