Attendee profile

This article is for certification brands, training companies, and all types of trainers.

All information about attendees of events created in Workshop Butler is stored in the attendee profile.

How to access

For all types of accounts - from an event menu. 

Open an event and click View on the Attendees tile -> choose an attendee and click on the arrow button in the right column.

For trainers and training companies -  from the list of Contacts:

Click on the Contacts in the top menu -> choose the People tab -> choose an attendee

For certification brands - from the list of Attendees:

Click on the Attendees in the top menu -> choose an attendee

The list of attendees can be filtered by different parameters. 

There is also a search bar where you can search for a particular attendee by their name or email address.

What’s in there

Attendee profile contains information submitted by an attendee during registration and evaluation processes. 

Trainers and training companies can edit or delete some of this information by clicking the corresponding buttons in the upper right corner of an attendee profile. They can also delete the profile completely.

Important note: it won’t be possible to restore a profile after deletion.


Attendee’s name 

It is submitted by an attendee during the registration process.  

Trainers and training companies can edit it.


Personal information 

This section contains information added by an attendee during the registration process: email address, billing and home addresses, company, job title, date of birth, etc. The number of fields in this section depends on the fields you include in a registration form.

Training and training companies can edit email address and home address.


Participation history

It contains information about events where an attendee participated:

  • Participation status
  • Certificate number if there was any
  • Link to an event page
  • Location
  • Dates
  • Star rating
  • Amount paid if an attendee bought a ticket.

This information is added automatically when an attendee registered for an event. It's updated later if you change the participation status or an attendee sends in an evaluation with rating.

You can do the following by clicking the Manage button near the corresponding event:


Information related to the event

This section shows the following information:

  • Source of registration (built-in page, external page, manual record)
  • Payment method and detailed information about payment (total amount paid for a ticket, ticket price if you set Tax Excluded in ticket settings for an event, tax, Stripe and Workshop Butler fees if you are using Bank Card payment method, and the amount you receive)
  • Attendee’s consent to store data in WSB if you included it in a registration form.

Important note: To access information about a particular event in the attendee profile, open it from this event menu (see the How to Access section above). 

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