How to add a tax to a ticket price

This article is for training companies and trainers.

Workshop Butler can automatically calculate tax and charge attendees the total price if they are using PayPal or bank cards (Stripe)

For invoices, you should calculate tax by yourself when sending them.

You can configure the tax rate and the way it is displayed for attendees.

Configuring tax rate

At the moment, only EU VAT is available. If you need a different type of tax, please contact our support team.

Since VAT rate is different in different European countries, you should set it up first.

To set up the VAT rate for your country, open Account Settings and choose Payments in the left tab. Enter the tax rate in the Sales Tax section and save the changes. This rate will be applied to all future events.

Including/excluding tax

You can include/exclude tax from a ticket price when creating an event, in the Tickets section.

If you choose to include tax in a ticket price, you should calculate the full price by yourself (ticket price + tax). The system will notify attendees that the price is final.

For example, if the ticket price is $500 and VAT is 10%, you should enter the full price when configuring a ticket - $550

If you decide to exclude tax, you should add only a ticket price. The system will calculate the tax based on the tax rate you set for your account. In this case, attendees will see a ticket price and a tax amount separately.

For example, if the ticket price is $500 and VAT is 10%, you should enter only the ticket price when configuring a ticket - $500.

Important note: your attendees can be exempt from paying EU VAT if you have activated the corresponding option and all the requirements for exemption have been met. Read this article for more details.

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