How to Configure Tickets for Workshops

While creating a workshop, you can add various types of tickets and customize them by name, price, amount of available tickets, and more. Start by clicking Events in the top menu -> Add Event button and go to the Tickets section.


Custom ticket types are available for paid workshops only. After selecting the Paid option, a form to create your first ticket type appears.


Choose a currency for your tickets. Workshop Butler supports only one currency per event right now.

If you don’t find a currency in the list, please, contact us and we add it.


You need to enter all of the followings to add each ticket type:

  • Ticket name. Create a name for your ticket type. This name appears on the event page, the profile of an attendee, and a registration confirmation email.
  • Price. The cost of your ticket.
  • VAT: Define if the price includes VAT or not. When you select Excluding VAT+ VAT appears near the amount.
Example: Early Bird ticket for 1000 euro with VAT is shown as “€1000 + VAT – Early Bird”
Note: once you sell a paid ticket you won’t be able to change its price or delete it.
  • Start and end date: Customize when tickets of this type go on sale.
Note: created ticket types appear on the event page sorted by start date.
  • Number of tickets: It indicates how many attendees can buy tickets of this type.

Don’t forget to save changes by clicking the Save button.

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