Invoice payments

This article is for training companies and trainers.

Invoices are a default method to accept payments for your events. They do not require activation or any additional configuration. 

Note that there is no internal invoicing system in Workshop Butler itself. You need to use third party invoicing software like Zoho or FreshBooks.

Activating payments

If you don't have Stripe or PayPal payments activated for your account, invoices will be set as a payment method by default.

If you have other payment methods activated, you can choose them when adding an event.

Accepting payments

  1. An attendee registers to an event.
  2. You receive a notification about new registration on your profile email address and see this attendee in the list of attendees for an event.
  3. You send an invoice to this attendee using invoicing software.
  4. If an attendee has chosen invoices as a payment method, they have Unpaid status after registration and the ticket price next to their name is in red in the list of attendees.
  5. After they've paid an invoice, you can change their status to Paid in the list of attendees or in the attendance record.

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