Card Payments

Workshop Butler accepts card payments for your events via integration with Stripe. At this point, Stripe is the only payment gateway we work with. You can accept payments using:

  • built-in registration pages
  • on your website via WordPress plugin or JS widgets, depending on the type of CMS you use for the website.

The only limitation with our integration plugins is that you must have an SSL certificate installed on your website (the website is accessible via https://). When the connection is insecure, the option of card payments is disabled. 

At this moment, card payments are in closed beta with the reduced fee only 0.5%. During the testing phase, you cannot activate payments by yourself. First, Workshop Butler team needs to add them to your account. Please, contact us for that at

Activating payments

Go to Account Settings → Settings and find Card payment section. Click Connect with Stripe.

You will be redirected to Stripe where you can either log in or sign in for a new account.

Note: if your business is in Brazil or Romania than you would need to request an invite from Stripe as the support is still in a beta phase there. By our experience in other countries, Stripe will provide account within a couple of business days.

That's it! You're ready to accept card payments.

Accepting payments

Right after your account is connected to Stripe, you'll find a new field on the event edit form: Payment types.

By default, all events support only payments by invoice. You need to edit an event to activate card payments for it.

After that, registration pages for the paid workshop will change their look (built-in and integrated pages). A new section called Payment method appears where students can select how they want to pay for workshops: Invoice or Card. If they choose Card, a form with card details appears.

When a student selects Card payment, then she will be registered only if the payment is successful. The student is marked as Paid and you can find some information about the payment on the student's profile.

Making refunds

When you make a 100% refund, Workshop Butler refunds its commission, Stripe does not refund its commission.

At this point, it's possible to make a refund only through Stripe. For that, open your Stripe account and click Payments.

Select the payment you need and click Refund.

After that, send us a message and we'll refund our commission. It will arrive at your account immediately.

Understanding fees

During a testing period, the Workshop Butler fee is only 0.5%. In addition, there is a payment provider fee, which depends on where your business is situated. It is usually between 1.4% - 2.9%.

To see the fees, open the payment in your Stripe account and hover over Fee.

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