Available payment methods

This article is for training companies and trainers.

At the moment, there are three payment methods available in WSB:

  • Invoices
  • Card payments
  • PayPal

Depending on how many methods are configured for your account, you can choose one or several methods when creating an event.


With this payment method, attendees do not pay right away. You should send them an invoice first.

Invoice payments do not require additional settings from your side, unlike card payments or PayPal.

Read more about invoices here.

Card Payments (Stripe)

With this method, attendees pay for a ticket with their bank card before completing a registration.

To use this method for events, you should activate Stripe Payments first. 

For each payment made via Stripe, there are also Stripe fee and Workshop Butler fee

Read more about Stripe payments here.


To use this method for events, you should contact our support team first so we could activate it for you.

At the moment, there is no fee for PayPal payments in WSB. However, PayPal itself may charge additional fees.

Read more about PayPal payments here.

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