PayPal payments

This article is for training companies and trainers.

You can accept payments for your events with PayPal. 

You can accept payments using:
  • built-in registration pages
  • on your website via WordPress plugin or JS widgets, depending on the type of CMS you use for the website.
The only limitation with our integration plugins is that you  must have an SSL  certificate installed on your website (the website is accessible via https://). When the connection is insecure, the option of PayPal payments is disabled.

At the moment, the PayPal payments option is in public Beta. During this phase, you pay only PayPal fees.

Activating payments

At the moment,  PayPal payments are activated from our side. For this, we will need your PayPal Client ID. To get it, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to and log in with your PayPal account.

    Important note: You need a PayPal Business Account to get a Client ID. If you are signing up for the first time, follow the prompts to create a Business Account. 

  2. Go to My Apps & Credentials and select the Live tab to switch out of the Sandbox. 

    Warning! If you use a SANDBOX CLIENT ID your payments will go to a TEST account and will not be valid transactions. Double-check that you are on the LIVE tab. 

  3. Click on the Create App button. 
  4. Enter the name of your application and click the Create App button. 
  5. Copy your Client ID and send it to us at
  6. Our team will provide you with further instructions.

Accepting payments

By default, all events support only payments by invoice. After PayPal is activated on your account, you'll see the PayPal option on the Add Event form in the Tickets section. Mark it, if you want to add this payment method for this event.

After that, the  Payment Method field will appear on a registration page ( both built-in and integrated ones). 

When an attendee selects PayPal, they will be registered only if the payment is successful. The attendee is marked as  Paid and you can find information about the payment in their attendance record.

You can activate the option to attach receipts to welcome emails for those attendees who have chosen this payment method.

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