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This article is for training companies and trainers.

Attendees start evaluating their educational experience from the first moment they interact with you. It’s important to make an impression and provide some value from the very beginning.

For attendees registered via a registration form

Workshop Butler automatically sends a welcome email when new attendees register for your event via a registration form. An example of a default message is below.

A default welcome message notifies an attendee that the registration was successful and now it’s time to wait for an additional email from you. The email is simple yet personal: it uses the first name of the attendee and your name as a signature.

If you accept payments for tickets with bank cards or PayPal, you can activate the feature to attach a receipt to the welcome email.

Important note: the language of a welcome email depends on the language of your event, and your settings.

For attendees added manually, imported, or transferred

When new attendees are added to an event manually, imported, or transferred, the system won't send an email automatically. To send it, you should put a checkmark next to the corresponding option.

Adding attendees manually

The option to send a welcome email is located at the bottom of the Register New Attendee menu. Read here about adding attendees manually.


The option to send a welcome email is located in the Import Attendees menu which appears after you upload a CSV file. Read here about importing attendees.


The option to send a welcome email is located in the Transfer window which appears after you choose the Transfer option in the attendee profile. Read here about transferring attendees.


To customise a welcome email for a particular event, find the Mails tile on the event dashboard and click Edit in the Welcome email section.

To simplify the personalisation of the content, use email tags. Before sending a message, Workshop Butler looks for the tags in an email’s body and replaces them with relevant values.

You can find available tags for a welcome email in the select box in the top right corner of the editor.

Training company accounts can also customise the subject and body in the Welcome Email template applying changes to all events.

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