How to add a new attendee manually

This article is for training companies and trainers.

Workshop Butler supports different workflows. You can register attendees either through a built-in registration form or an external registration page. If you choose to use an external registration page, you need a way to add your attendees to the system manually.

To open an attendee registration form, click the Register attendee button in the list of attendees or the Register new attendee link in the Attendee tile.

There are only three required fields for a new attendee: First name, Last name, and  Email. We advise you to add as much information about your attendee as possible to use it later.

If you have customised a registration form, the new custom fields will appear on the attendee form as well.

When you add a new attendee, we assume this attendee has already participated in the event. If not, you can always changeParticipation status later.

Sending welcome emails

When you add attendees manually, the system does not send automated Welcome emails to them. 

If you would like to send a welcome email to a manually added attendee, put a check mark next to Send a welcome email to this attendee.

Generating certificates

If an event has already needed and you would like to send a certificate, put the checkmark next to  Send a certificate right away. Workshop Butler will generate a certificate for this attendee after you complete registration.

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