How to configure a registration form

This article is for training companies and trainers.

Workshop Butler offers customizable registration forms. The link to the form will be added to the event page, should you choose the Built-in Registration Form option when creating an event. Information submitted via this form will be added to the attendance record.

You can configure registration forms with different sets of fields for different event types or for events with different parameters (paid/free, private/public). For example, one form for Paid Public events and another one for Free Public events.

Managing templates

If you want to configure your template for a registration form, you can do it in the Account Settings -> Registration Form tab.

To add a template, click the Add Configuration button. 

To edit or delete the already existing template, find it in the list and click the corresponding button.

Template Settings

There are 3 parameters in the top part of the configuration menu. WSB uses these parameters to understand which template to use for a particular event:

  • Paid/Free
  • Public/private
  • Event type.

For example, you have created a template for Paid Private events of the Scrum Master type. When you create an event with the same settings, the system redirects attendees to the registration form based on this template.

Important note: WSB always chooses more specific configuration. For example, you have one template for All Paid events and one - for Public Paid events. The system will use the latter configuration for the Public Paid events instead of the former one.

If WSB doesn't find a matching template, it uses a default configuration for free/paid events.

The configuration for Free events:

  • First name (required)
  • Last name (required)
  • Email (required)
  • Comment.

 The configuration for Paid events:

  • Ticket
  • Promo code
  • First name (required)
  • Last name (required)
  • Email (required)
  • Billing address fields (Street 1, Country, etc)
  • Comment.

Sections and fields

There are two types of elements you can add to each template: sections and fields.

At the top of each template there is the Instructons section, which cannot be moved to another place on the form, edited, or deleted. It includes recommendation for visitors on how to fill in the form, like Add your food preferences to the comment. If you don't write anything in this section, it won't appear on the form.

Templates for Paid events contain the Ticket section, which cannot be edited or deleted but can be moved to another position on the template. There are two fields, which are always optional: Ticket and Promo Code. When configuring a template, you can only decide where the Ticket section wlll be. Tickets themselves are configured when adding an event.

Important note: Promo code field serves strictly for informational purposes. Promo codes added by attendees will be displayed in the information about registration, but won't be applied to the ticket price automatically.

The Footer section is located at the bottom of the template and cannot be moved anywhere, but you can delete it or add any fields there (for example, the Comment or Consent fields). Page visitors don’t see the section name (Footer), only fields you add there.

Fields First name, Last name, and Email are always required and the template cannot be saved without them.

WSB offers you several default fields which appear in registration forms most frequently. You can remove them from your template, however, you cannot edit or delete them from the system..

Fields you have added by yourself can be edited or completely deleted from WSB.

The list of all sections and fields is located on the right side of the menu. It also includes fields you have removed. You can drag and drop a field or the whole section to the form. It’s also possible to move fields between sections and change the order of sections and fields on the form.

To learn how to add your own fields and manage them, read this article.

For important information, toggle Required. Your attendees won't be able to register without filling in the required field first.

After you have finished configuring a form, click the Save Changes button and the new template will appear in the Registration Form tab.

Important note: registration forms for past events won't be affected.

You can check how your registration page will look by opening the event page -> Overview tile -> Registration Page link.

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