How to configure a registration form

This article is for training companies and all types of trainers.

The information you collect from attendees depends on many factors. Apparently, the “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work here. In Workshop Butler, you can configure what data to ask from participants when they are registering for your events.

To do that, you need to update a registration form configuration. The registration form configuration defines 

  • the set of sections and fields visible to participants on the event registration form; 
  • the statuses of events (paid or free/public or private) the configuration is applied to.

Working with Form Configurations

Follow the steps below to change a registration form configuration:

Open Account Settings and click  Registration Form in the left-side menu.

First, choose the event statuses for this configuration:

  • Paid or free
  • Private or Public

While Private/Public statuses don't have any specific settings, Free/Paid events offer different configurations.

After setting an event's statuses, you can also choose the types of events this configuration will be valid for.

The configuration for Free events:

  • First name (required)
  • Last name (required)
  • Email (required)
  • Comment

 The configuration for Paid events:

  • Ticket
  • Promo code
  • First name (required)
  • Last name (required)
  • Email (required)
  • Billing address fields (Street 1, Country, etc)
  • Comment

You can either edit the existing configurations or delete them and add new ones. Remember: you cannot add more than two form configurations. 


No matter what you choose - adding a new one or editing an existing one - you would need to learn about form configuration. Read the  Managing Form Configuration section below for that.


When you are okay with the change, click the  Save changes button at the bottom of the page. Your future and running events will get a new registration form.

Important note: registration forms for past events won't be affected.

Managing Form Configurations


First of all, you need to define the rules by which Workshop Butler selects events for this registration form configuration. Right now, three rules are available - Paid/Free status, Private/Public status, and Event types. It allows you to use a different set of fields for different kinds of events. It works this way:

  1. Workshop Butler gets an event and checks if it's free or paid and if it's private or public. Let's say it is paid and private. 
  2. WSB checks the configurations in this order:
    1. Configuration for paid private events
    2. Configuration for all events
  3. If WSB finds the configuration, it uses it to create an event registration form.
  4. If WSB doesn't find any valid configuration, it uses a default configuration for this event's statuses (for the set of fields, see paragraph 2 from the Working with Form Configurations section above). Since private/pubic statuses don't have any difference in settings between them, WSB chooses the default configuration depending only on the paid or free status of the event.


Each form consists of several sections, and each section contains several fields. You can change the order of the sections by clicking and pulling the left-top corner of any section.

Two sections, Instructions and Footer, are not sortable. You won't be able to move them. Instructions include some advice for visitors on how to fill in the form, like Add your food preferences to the comment. Instructions are always at the top of the form. Section Footer is always at the bottom of the form. 


You can delete any section by clicking the trash bin icon in the top right corner of each section. Don't worry. You can always add a removed section later if you delete it by mistake.


You can add a new section by going to the bottom of the page and clicking the  Add Section button. At this point, you can add only a predefined set of sections. If you do not see Add Section button, it means that you added all available sections to your form.



While working with form fields, you can select between predefined system fields and custom fields you added before. Excluding a couple of exceptions, you can add/remove/move any field to any section.

Notable exceptions are:

  • Fields First name, Last name, and Email are always required and cannot be removed from the form.
  • Field Ticket is always optional and cannot be removed from the Ticket section. Do not worry about the optionality of the Ticket field. When an event has paid tickets, a visitor won't be able to register without selecting a ticket first.
  • Field Promo code can be added only to the Ticket section, and it cannot be required. Promo code field can be applied only to invoice payments.
  • No other field besides Promo code can be added to the Ticket section.

Important note: Promo code field serves strictly for informational purposes. Promo codes added by attendees will be displayed in the information about registration, but won't be applied to the ticket price automatically.


You can add a new field by clicking the  Add field button and selecting a field of your choice.


You can delete a field (if it's removable) by hovering a mouse over it and clicking the trash bin icon on the right. 


You can move a field by clicking the  Move icon with three lines to the left of the field and pulling the field up and down. It's possible to move fields from section to section.


For important information, toggle Required. Your attendees won't be able to register without filling in the required field first.

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