Registration form - how to create a custom field

This article is for training companies and trainers.

From time to time, you want to collect some info during the registration of an attendee that is not supported by default. In this case, you can add custom fields to learn more about attendees beforehand.

Workshop Butler supports five different types of fields:

  • Text. A basic text field where you expect a short answer. Good examples are First Name or City.
  • Dropdown. You create several options for a person to select from. Examples include Years of Experience (< 2 years, 2-5 years, 5+ years) and Department (HR, IT, Development, Sales, CxO)
  • Checkbox. A yes/no question like Do you have a previous experience with…? It can also be used to ask attendees to agree to terms and conditions. You can put a link to the agreements right into the field’s body.
  • Paragraph text. Rarely you expect attendees to provide an in-depth answer to a question. In this case, paragraph text is your choice.
  • Consent. A GDPR-compliant consent you collect from attendees to process their personal data. Read more here.

How to create a custom field


Open your Account Settings and click  Registration Form in the left-side menu.


Click the  Add Custom Field button at the bottom.


Choose the field type and fill in the field name/content, then click Add Field.


You will see the newly added field in the list of Custom Fields

Important note: When you add a custom field, it’s not included automatically in a registration form, but becomes available for adding.

How to add a custom field to a registration form

You can add a custom field to a registration form the same way you add default fields: click Edit next to the form you want to add this field to -> find the field in Sections and Fields on the left -> drag and drop it to the form -> Save changes. Registration forms for your future events will be updated.

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