Training Companies

A training company is an organisation that offers courses on various topics to companies and individuals. To deliver these courses, it employs trainers (or facilitators) who specialise in a particular topic and can share their knowledge with others. Trainers, in turn, run events (or workshops), organised by this company.

A training company can also invite trainers to run some events without employing them.

So, what can Workshop Butler offer to a training company and the trainers who work for it?

There is quite a lot of, actually:

  • keep track of all events (both confirmed and canceled) and group them for your convenience;
  • keep track of all trainers working for your company and make the organisational aspects easy for them so that they can focus more on the events themselves;
  • handle the processes of registration and collecting evaluations;
  • issue certificates if there is a need to;
  • offer automated solutions for routine actions like sending a welcome email or approving evaluations to be sure that no one was left out.
  • promote trainers and events on your website.
  • and many more.
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