How to transfer an attendee

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From time to time, you need to move an attendee to another event. Maybe, an original event was cancelled, or maybe, the attendee can participate only later. Workshop Butler allows you to transfer attendees to any  future non-cancelled event

How to transfer an attendee

  1. In the top menu, go to the Dashboard or to the list of Events and open the event from which you want to delete a record.
  2. Click View on the Attendees tile.
  3. Click the button with an arrow next to the name of an attendee to open the attendance record.
  4. Click the arrow next to the Edit button on the right to open the dropdown menu and choose Transfer.
  5. Select the destination of the transfer.

Important note: transferred attendees do not receive a welcome email automatically. If you want to send it, put a check mark next to Send a welcome email after the transfer.

Attendee status after the transfer

After the transfer, an attendee gets an attendance record for the new event with the Registered status. You can see the date the transfer was done and the name of the event the attendee was transferred from.

The attendance record of the old event receives the  Transferred status.

Transfer of paid attendees

When you transfer an attendee who bought a ticket for an event, the following happens:

1. The number of sold tickets (of the relevant ticket type) in the old event decreases by 1.

2. The number of sold tickets (of the relevant ticket type) in the new event increases by 1, if the ticket prices in the old and new events are identical. If there are no tickets of the same price in the new event, the number of sold tickets in it doesn't change.

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