Email Tags

In Workshop Butler, you can customise almost any email sent to attendees. To make the process of email creation for many attendees as easy as possible, we added email tags. Email tags are the tokens, the system replaces with relevant values before sending an email.

For example, the system replaces {{attendee.first_name}} with the first name of attendees. 

The usage of tags helps you to create personalized email messages for every attendee with a little time.

How to add a new tag

When you open an email editor, there is an  Insert Tag selector in its top-right corner. It contains only the tags, available for the email template you are working with.

Available Tags

Below you find the list of all tags with their description.

Name Description
{{attendee.first_name}} First name of an attendee
{{attendee.last_name}} Last name of an attendee
{{attendee.full_name}} Full name of an attendee
{{attendee.ticket}} Ticket bought by the attendee (example: Early bird, €1,000)
{{email.signature}} Name of the user sending an email. If it's an automated email, then the account's property From is used.
{{event.title}} Title of an event
{{event.start_date}} The start date of an event
{{event.end_date}} The end date of an event
{{event.dates}} Start and end dates and times of an event, separated by '-'
{{event.start_time}} The start time of an event, in the format 'HH:mm'
{{event.end_time}} The end time of an event, in the format 'HH:mm'
{{evaluation.url}} Link to the evaluation page of an event