Unique evaluation link

This article is for training companies and trainers.

All evaluation links sent to attendees from Workshop Butler are unique. They can be created and found within WSB only.

How an evaluation link is created

The system generates the link individually for each attendee once they registers to an event created in WSB. An attendee can register themselves via a registration form, a trainer can add them to the system manually or import from a .CSV file.

The evaluation link is connected to an attendee profile which contains all information about an attendee: from the moment of registration till submitting feedback and receiving a certificate. Thus, you don't have to ask personal details in the evaluation form to understand who submitted it if you have already requested these details during registration.

How to find and send an evaluation link

There are several ways to send an evaluation link to an attendee:


Let the system send it automatically with a follow-up message after an event ends.


Send a message with an evaluation request manually.


Copy an evaluation link from the attendee profile and send it to an attendee. 


Export evaluation links from the list of attendees to a CSV file and copy them from there.

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